ODAKtr Seminar Series

DateSpeaker, InstitutionSeminar TitleRecorded Seminar LinksRegistration LinkAnnouncement
26 Feb. 2021Dr. Isabel Oller,
Water-Energy-Food nexus in industrial and urban wastewater recoveryTo be completedLinkLink
19 Feb. 2021Marcel Bial,
ESTELA- The European Solar Thermal Electricity Association
First learnings from a multifold stakeholders position review regarding the deployment of CSP in EuropeLinkClosedLink
12 Feb. 2021Dr. Reiner Buck,
DLR - Institute of Solar Research, Germany
Solar Particle Technology for Dispatchable Power and Heat GenerationLinkClosedLink
5 Feb. 2021Dr. Inmaculada Polo,
Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria: occurrence and removal from urban wastewaterLinkClosedLink
22 Jan. 2021PhDc. Gkiokchan Moumin,
DLR - Institute of Future Fuels, Germany
Calcination of Cement Raw Meal in a Solar Rotary Kiln and Heat Transfer ChallengesLinkClosedLink
15 Jan. 2021Dr. Florian Wiesinger,
DLR - Institute of Solar Research, Germany
Quality Assessment and Accelerated Aging Experiments of Optical Components for CSP PlantsLinkClosedLink
08 Jan. 2021Dr. Yelda Erden-Topal,
UPM & CIEMAT, Spain, and
CST in Turkey: Current State and National Strategies to Exploit OpportunitiesLinkClosedLink
18 Dec. 2020Prof. Dr. Eduardo Zarza,
An Introduction to Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies and ApplicationsNot RecordedClosedLink

Upcoming Events

  • 1st Joint Summer School at METU. Tentatively September 2020. 2-weeks of summer school at METU taught by experts from our leading partners CIEMAT-PSA and DLR.
  • 2nd Joint Summer School at METU. Summer 2021. 2-weeks of summer school at METU taught by experts from our leading partners CIEMAT-PSA and DLR.

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